You're An Asshole: Bethany Storro

By MXL on 9/17/2010 07:27:00 AM

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Perhaps you've heard the story of Bethany Storro, the 28-year-old woman who claimed to have been attacked by an unknown Black woman wielding a cup of acid. This chick had the whole world feeling for her — until she admitted that she made the whole thing up and had actually burned herself with the acid.

VANCOUVER, Wash. (Associated Press) - A woman who gained sympathy worldwide after she claimed a random assailant threw acid on her face came forward Thursday with a startling admission: She inflicted the attack on herself.

Vancouver police chief Clifford Cook said Bethany Storro admitted under police questioning to fabricating a story about the attack, in which she suffered severe burns. ...

"During the interview, Ms. Storro admitted the injuries were self-inflicted," Cook said.
Police had been seeking a black woman with a ponytail after Storro described the Aug. 30 attack. She had said the woman asked her, "Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?" then threw acid in her face. ...

A burn surgeon who operated on Storro said the substance thrown on her face was an acid as strong as hydrochloric or sulfuric acid.

What a crazy thing to do. Maybe this chick has Munchausen Syndrome.

Whatever the case, she's definitely an asshole for this one.

Check out some pictures of Storro's self-inflicted wounds and the non-existent Black woman she blamed for them after the stretch.


"My heart stopped. I almost passed out. Once it hit me, I could actually hear it bubbling and sizzling on my skin," Storro told reporters.

Composite sketch of the (make-believe) woman Storro claimed had attacked her.

Picture of my thoughts about this whole thing.

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