WTF? Man Kidnaps, Rapes, Videotapes Two Women

By MXL on 9/20/2010 05:37:00 AM

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From WTSP:

Temple Terrace, Florida - In the middle of a normally quiet neighborhood, police say 31-year-old George Thomas put two women through nearly a full week of terror.

According to an arrest report, Thomas kidnapped, raped and filmed two women, one of them only 16 years old, at his house on Rain Forest Street in Temple Terrace.

Temple Terrace police say Thomas brought the first woman to his house last Saturday, forced her to have sex with him three times and threatened to kill her if she left.

Then, police say, the first victim got ahold of a friend through Facebook, and told her to come to the house and rescue her.

But, according to the arrest report, when she showed up, Thomas came out with a gun and forced her inside as well.

That's when he's accused of making the two women have sex in the living room, while he recorded it with his cell phone and a webcam. ...

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Thomas has been arrested nearly two dozen times since 1997, on everything from DUI and drug possession to stalking. ...

Some who live nearby tell 10 News he's known around the area for his strange behavior.

"Nickname is 'George the perv,'" [neighbor Alan] Winton said.

Thomas is being held in jail without bond, facing six felony charges.

With that rap sheet, I don't know why this dude wasn't already locked up. He's also listed as a member of a Folk Nation gang — which was odd to me, 'cause I thought the Folk Nation was only a Chicago and Milwaukee thing. Turns out I was wrong about that.

Video report from WTSP after the stretch.



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