You're An Asshole: Missouri Burger King

By MXL on 8/06/2009 11:09:00 PM

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SUNSET HILLS, Mo. - Like most restaurants, the Burger King in this St. Louis suburb has a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy.

And baby, do they enforce it.

Too much so, the company admitted, after apologizing for restaurant workers who asked a mother to leave because her 6-month-old wasn't wearing shoes.

Burger King released a statement Thursday indicating workers had taken the no shoes, no service policy too far.

"Our franchisee, which independently owns and operates this restaurant, apologizes for this guest's experience," the statement read. "The franchisee is retraining his restaurant team on the proper use of the 'no shoes' policy."

Frederich told the TV station the flap was a bit overblown, and she hoped no one would be fired. But she appreciated Burger King's apology.

She's better than me, 'cause I would went the fuck off.

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