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By MXL on 9/16/2010 12:08:00 PM

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It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you — but, unfortunately I did.

And since I've been gone, a lotta stuff has happened that I would've shared on this site but ended up sharing only on my Facebook page. So, as I get back into the swing of this blogging shit, allow me to share a few (just a few — neither of us has time to go over everything) of those interesting things I've come across over the last 13 months (in no particular order).

Check 'em out after the stretch (and the song).


- LeBron goes to Miami, Dan LeBatard rejoices:

When King Raymone decided to go South, people were uuuuuupset. They called him a coward, a diva, accused him of making a punk move, even set his jersey on fire. Between his decision and The Decision, it seemed that he'd rubbed everybody in sports the wrong way for one reason or another.

Everybody except Miami Herald columnist Dan LeBatard. LeBatard practically had a fuckin' orgasm on his radio show a day or so after The Decision, even going so far as to hilariously ensure the people of MIA that "the royal penis is clean." Kinda gay, but very funny.

- When Freestyling Goes Terribly Wrong:

I don't know who this guy is, but he got the SHIT slapped out of himself.

- Researchers Try to Develop A Way For Blind People to Drive:

From the Huffington Post:

The National Federation of the Blind and Virginia Tech plan to demonstrate a prototype vehicle next year equipped with technology that helps a blind person drive a car independently.

Advocates for the blind say it will take time before society accepts the potential of blind drivers and that the safety of the technology will need to be proven through years of testing. But more than anything, they say it's part of a broader mission to change the way people perceive the blind.

Dr. Dennis Hong, who directs the school's Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, said they hope to turn the technology into a consumer product. But he added, "This is not going to be a product until its proven 100 percent safe."

Safe?? It's BLIND PEOPLE DRIVING!!!! Worst. Idea. EVER.

- Aaron McGruder Introduces the Boondocks Bootleg YouTube Channel:

While we waited for him to finish the third season of The Boondocks, Aaron McGruder kept us entertained with a series of hilariously ghetto web shorts on his "unofficial official YouTube channel." My favorite character? The one and only Tubesteak, the realest nigga ever. Still on the block, like he always do. Slangin' "sheetrocks, nigga!"

(FYI: I think Tubesteak does Thugnificent's voice, too. I'm not sure about that, though...)

- Verdict Reached in the Oscar Grant Shooting Case:

On New Year's Day, 2009, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) officer Johannes Mehserle fatally shot an unarmed civilian named Oscar Grant on an Oakland subway platform, dividing the city's populace along racial lines as the majority of the Black community wanted this cop immediately fired and arrested while most of the White community tried to understand and sympathize with him. On July 8, Mehserle was found guilty of the shooting — but only of involuntary manslaughter, not the more serious murder charge that many sought. Angry and feeling helpless — and having flashbacks of the Rodney King case back in 1992 — many citizens lashed out in the worst way and rioted, terrorizing the city. Another sad moment in the history of police brutality and civic unrest.


That's enough for now. Of course, there was much, much more that happened, but I'm tired of looking back. Let's get on to some new shit.

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