CLASSIC: Kenny Parker Reminisces on KRS-One vs. Prince Be

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Back in 2006, — probably the most Hip-Hop of all the Hip-Hop magazines, online or in print — caught up with Kenny Parker from the iconic Boogie Down Productions crew and got him reminiscing about the night back in 1993 when KRS-One bumrushed a PM Dawn show after Prince Be dissed him in Details magazine by saying, "KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?" Kris had already been going through some shit with other MCs at the time, and this was the last straw — Prince Be had to pay.

Here's a teaser:

...We had two plans. The first plan involved me – to get control of the DJ booth. “By any means necessary – Kenny, you get control of the booth”. That was it, that was the only real plan we had. And Kris says “When I get the mic, you throw on “Still #1”. So that was the plan.

Clark Kent was deejaying, so I went up there and I said to Clark: “In about ten minutes I’m gonna need the turntables for a second”, and he was kinda reluctant.

I was like “Look, something’s about to happen, Kris is about to run on stage. I need to be set-up and I need to be ready.” He was like “Aight, cool.”

PM Dawn starts doin’ his thing, and then you see Kris comin’ up – there was like a ramp comin’ up the stage – and you see people comin’ up the stage, so I start cuing up.

PM Dawn had some girl dancers up there – this guy pushes one of the dancers into the crowd – hard! And I remember she tried to sue Kris a few months after that. While this guy’s doin’ this, Kris comes up. PM Dawn is not knowin’ what’s goin’ on – imagine, he’s in show mode and his music stops – and Kris grabs the microphone, so they both have it. Like a tug-of-war for a second, and then Kris pushes him and takes the microphone in his hand. Right at the same time, the guy who pushed the girl into the crowd punches PM Dawn in his face – POW! Then he punches him again – POW! In the face, twice. Then, if I recall, Just-Ice pushed him off [the stage] and Prince Be fell into the crowd.

Then Kris has the mic and he goes “BDP is in the motherfuckin’ house!” and then everybody was like “Hooo!”, the whole crowd was like that, and right at that moment I threw on “Still #1″. It was over! People was jumping up and down and they was goin’ crazy and screamin’…it was like a riot!

Clark Kent turned to me and he said “Yo, that’s the greatest thing I ever seen in my life!”

Head on over to UNKUT by clicking here and read the whole thing (it's a 3-parter). Trust me, the story is worth reading. Shouts to Robbie for being so fuckin' thorough.

And just for shits and gigs, check out a PM Dawn parody from one of my favorite movies, Fear of A Black Hat, after the stretch.


Here's the song they parodied:


- P.M. Dawn lightly responded to KRS-One and directly addressed those who questioned how Hip-Hop they were with 2005's "Plastic"

- From KRS-One: The UNKUT Interview (2007):

There is mythology and folklore – which works for our culture, it keeps us together, but then there’s real scholarship and there’s real truth when you get down to it. ... I don’t even have beef with PM Dawn. I did apologize to PM Dawn on numerous occasions. ... [F]or years, I took the responsibility, I apologized to PM Dawn and tried to make amends with them, and no one probably will ever know - well maybe now they’ll know, those who do their homework... they will know, but for the rest of the mainstream world? They don’t need to know. Let ‘em have the image in their mind that if you spit that wack shit, KRS is gonna step on your stage and toss your ass off the stage! That’s what hip-hop needs to hear and know.

Props: UNKUTAndré LeRoy Davis & 33 Jones

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