Chael Sonnen Cheated?

By MXL on 9/20/2010 02:19:00 AM

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Damn, Chael. Say it ain't so.

It seems as though the "Gangster From Oregon" who claims to be "The Pound-for-Pound Best Shit-Talker" in the UFC and is the #1 contender for Anderson Silva's middleweight title has tested positive for some sort of performance-enhancing drug, according to the results of the post-fight drug screen from his August 7 fight against the champion at UFC 117.

From Sherdog:

“[Sonnen] received his notice [of the failed test] yesterday (Sept. 18),” [California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer George] Dodd told shortly after the Shane Mosley-Sergio Mora boxing match ended Saturday night in Los Angeles.

In a conversation the day before, Dodd declined to comment on the situation, other than answering that all fighters from UFC 117 had passed drugs-of-abuse scans, but that the commission was still waiting on performance-enhancing drug screens from the event.

Dodd did not state which banned substance was red-flagged, but with a clean drugs-of-abuse scan it is clear the positive test was for a performance-enhancing substance. ...

Silva’s manager Ed Soares, who engaged in some heated exchanges via the media in the build up to the fight, was stunned when asked for his reaction.

“If it’s true, I feel really bad for him,” said Soares. “I know he did it to himself but it is really sad, he put on such a great performance that night. It is just a shame it will be tarnished.”

I'm in full agreement with Soares. Sonnen was very impressive at 117, giving Silva more trouble than I've ever seen anybody give him, and most likely would have won by decision had Silva's deadly elbows and prodigious ground game not kept the match from going to the cards.

And as if that weren't proof enough, the fact that Sonnen may have been on that Sammy Sosa and STILL couldn't beat Silva just goes to show had bad "The Spider" really is. That boy's a beast. (I still wanna see him fight Machida, though.)



- Did you know that Sonnen ran for an Oregon Senate seat (before dropping out of the race) earlier this year? I had no idea.

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