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By MXL on 8/04/2009 07:54:00 AM

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Young DeAndre ain't feelin' all the criticism comin' his way about that stupid-ass remote control car piece he showed off on YouTube, so he's decided to tell us all off:

1ST OF ALL. I didn’t pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present from my jeweler when I turned 19 on July 28!

2ND OF ALL. Even if I did pay for it who are you to judge me on what I purchase with MY money?

Uh-oh. This nigga's angry. LOL. Read the rest after the stretch.


3RD OF ALL. Why do the media blow up the things that they think will make me look stupid or ignorant. Why not publicize or put me in the spotlight when I do positive things? What about when I was in the hood this past Christmas passing out toys to everybody on the westside of Atlanta where I grew up why not show that on TV? Why not publicize my Little league football team that I sponsor in Batesville, MS or the money I donated to help build the rec center and boyz and girls club!? What about when I donated $25,000 for all those kids to have a good Christmas with the Toyz n da hood foundation? Why not step in when Ice-T was dissing me why not call up and have a sit down to squash that beef. THINK ABOUT IT A 40 YEAR OLD SOMETHING GANGSTA NIGGA VS. A 16 YEAR OLD KID (AT THE TIME). What if he really did have O.G. crip niggaz that had a price on my head to murder me? WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY TO STEP IN AND STOP THAT? HUH?. you worried about a black diamond chain that I received as birthday present??? WTF….

What about when me and Tigger was in D.C. buying all those can foods for the homeless??? Why not publicize when them niggaz ran in my house and tried to kill me and I had to defend myself and blast they ass. WHY NOT SHOW THAT ON TV???? HUH!???? CUZ U DONT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THE REAL SHIT THATS GOIN BEHIND THE SCENES U WANT EVERYTHING WATERED DOWNED AND FAKE THATS WHY! FUCK THAT! I’m all the way REAL 100. I know America probably ain’t ready for a young black rich nigga running around doing it how he had it planned since he was little. But i’m from the hood! This is all I know! All I grew up seeing was diamondz, money, drugs, fightin, shootin, dancing, basketball and football. real nigga shit that’s all I was around while I grew up! I don’t know shit else! I got signed when I was 16 and it took me away from that environment and put me on a whole other level that blew my mind. I’ve traveled all across the world and seen some AMAZING MIND BLOWING THINGS. But I can’t run from my past I can’t act like i’m something i’m not! I only can be what I know and be who I am WHICH IS ME. A young nigga who was born in Southside Chicago moved to ATL and went to high school in Mississippi. NEVER stayed in a good neighborhood my whole life until after I got signed! BUT IT IS WHAT IS IT IS. IM REAL AS IT GET AND ALOT OF PEOPLE LOVE ME FOR THAT. AND LOT OF PEOPLE HATE ME FOR THAT. I’m just being ME that’s all I can be! im out 100 ROLE MODEL OR NO ROLE MODEL IM ONLY HUMAN.

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday, Youngblood.

Second of all, thanks for all the shit you do in/for the 'hood.

Third of all, the media doesn't publicize the positive shit because YOU don't make videos about it. Of course you don't do it for the pub, so don't question the lack thereof when the media doesn't go diggin' for it. If you don't wanna be critiqued, don't put that shit out there. Ain't nobody tryin' to make you look ignorant, Fam, we just run with what you give us. What the fuck did you think folks were gon' say after seein' that ig'nant-ass shit you were flaunting? A remote control necklace? Come on, dude. That means you gotta carry a big-ass remote control with you everywhere? SMH. Plus that shit ain't even tight!

As for being from the 'hood and "just doing what you know," I feel that to a certain extent. But you just turned 19, right? You're a MAN now, bro. You've made millions and been around the world -- when does the silliness stop? You cannot change who you are, but you can change what you do.

You chose to be a celebrity. You've been planning it "your whole life", right? This is the life you chose, and criticism is part of it.

I've got the utmost respect for you, Youngblood, but it is what it is. If you put it on YouTube -- where you know damn well EVERYBODY is gon' see it -- you should expect the backlash. Just man up, thicken that skin and keep it movin'.

Anyway, keep doin' ya thing. You're an inspiration to niggas of all ages.

But if you put more of that buffoonery online, be ready for the world to react.

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