Raekwon Confronts Joe Budden

By MXL on 8/09/2009 01:40:00 AM

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Joey says 8 niggas ran up on him at the Rock the Bells show and put trademarks around his fuckin' eye, before forcing him to say he's sorry.

According to the nigga-net, Budden was streaming some footage for Joe Budden TV when Raekwon and about 8 goons ran up -- with camera rolling -- and stepped to him.

I knew something like this would happen when Joe did that interview and said he and Mef were cool, "but if any of them other niggas opened their mouth" that he would do what he had to do. Shit sounded like a threat to me.


I decided to check out Miss Info (she knows everything), and it turns out I was right! Here's what she said:

According to sources within the Icewater camp, the motive behind the confrontation was this video that Joe posted right after his talk with Meth [NOTE: there is some debate as to when exactly the video below was recorded. Rae's camp felt it was after the Meth-Joe chat. But Joe says it was prior]…as well as Joe’s “No Comment” record, which Raekwon perceived to include subliminal shots towards him.

Damn, I'm smart.

You'll find a link to the aforementioned video above, or you can just watch it after the stretch.


Am I wrong for finding this whole shit-talking-leading-to-ass-whuppin' scenario fuckin' hilarious? You can't just go around disrespecting niggas, Joey. Whether you meant it as disrespect or not, niggas certainly took it that way.

Fortunately, nobody got arrested over this thing, and Joe Budden is really none the worse for wear. He apparently only took one eye-jammie from the sea of goons that confronted him and walked away needing nothing more than an icepack.

There are a lot more details to this ongoing story, but I simply don't have enough energy or interest to follow it all. Plus, this ain't no damn gossip site. I already feel guilty for spending this much time talking about it.

If you're interested, allow Miss Info to keep you all the way informed. She's into that, and she's quite good at it.

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