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Not everyone gets this opportunity to be on this show like I did. What happens from this point is up to me. There might have been a little more money elsewhere in the short run, but I’m looking at the big picture...

My favorite backyard bully reflects on the best career decision he's ever made.

My reflections after the stretch.


I’m the only guy going in the house with a bull’s-eye on my back. That’s cool. I’m always going to be the underdog, no matter who I fight. These guys have been doing it over 10 years, some of them all their lives. And in me, you got a guy coming right off the streets. - Kimbo Slice, first day of filming on TUF 10

Guess who's back? The king of the neighborhood knockout is back after being pimped by the goons at EliteXC. Now, I don't blame Kimbo for chasing the loot (the nigga's got 5 kids.), I just knew that Elite wasn't the place for him to become a better fighter. All they did was dump money on Kimbo so they could parade him around like some prize pony in attempts to gain more viewers (it worked, by the way). Again, good for Kimbo's bottom line, bad for Kimbo's octagonal skills.

Not surprisingly, EliteXC folded like a weak-ass, paper organization should, which immediately made me wonder if dude's career would be over.

UFC is the holy grail of mixed martial arts, and I was sure Kimbo would never get in because it was my understanding that Dana White, the organization's genius co-founder and President, hated Kimbo's fuckin' guts.

I don't think he's a big Dana White fan... You know, how could you be after all the things that have gone back and forth? - UFC President Dana White on The Carmichael Dave Show, KHTK North Cali

Dana's gone on record saying that Kimbo "sucks," that he'd get "killed" in UFC and that the onliest way he'd even think about giving "Big Ferg" a contract is if he made his way through The Ultimate Fighter.

Dana, like most MMA fans across the country, made totally irrational, snap judgments on Kimbo for reasons that I still don't fully understand. The way they talk about him, you'd think Kimbo was the biggest asshole God ever created. But if you check his interviews or even watch his old, pre-MMA, $5000 backyard fights, Kimbo is always gracious, never gallivanting around like he was King of the World or some shit and always showing respect for his felled opponent. The only thing Kimbo did that could even be perceived as asshole-ism is throwing his fists up to the camera; even though all he ever said while doing this is, "This is what I do. This is how I eat." I, personally, was never mad at that.

I think Dana's ire was misdirected. He had more of a problem with Kimbo being treated like the biggest thing in MMA - all in the main event on CBS primetime and shit - when his biggest accomplishment until that point was knockin' out a string of ol' regular-ass niggas in backyards across Miami.

But I respect Dana 'cause he's fair, and in true Dana White fashion, he kept his word and gave Kimbo a slot on the show (I say "gave" because the guys didn't have to fight their way into the house this season). And, in true Kimbo Slice fashion, he immediately impressed.

I said a lot of things about this guy, and I'm gonna tell you now, just like I would, I've got nothing but respect for him. This guy stepped up and he wants to fight on The Ultimate Fighter. And he's dead serious about winning this thing too. - Dana on The Carmichael Dave Show

Apparently, Dana changed his tune on Kimbo after FINALLY speaking to the man and eventually agreed to let him rock on Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter. Dana's a business genius, so I'm sure he recognized Kimbo's earning potential, too. Sure, he's only got like 4 pro fights, but so did Brock Lesnar going into his TITLE DEFENSE at UFC 100, right? Now, Kimbo's no Brock, but I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, here's what else Dana has to say about Kimbo now:

They say he can't fight, and, in a sense, they're right -- he's an incredible street fighter, but his MMA skill is infantile, to say the least. What they seem to forget, though, is that Kimbo is a rookie who has never really faced anyone impressive as a pro, and you can't sharpen steel with cotton. The only real challenge he's ever had was Seth Petruzelli, and he lost that one. Kimbo was the much bigger man, but was still outmatched due to Seth's technical skills.

And all Kimbo's interested in in improving. He claims to not even have sex with his wife for like 8 weeks while he's training. Did I mention dude has 5 kids? That means him and wife get it in OFTEN, so that's quite the sign of focus if you ask me.

But, I digress.

So Kimbo's got nowhere to go but up. He's got the world against him and has already acknowledged the bullseye on his back, but I think he's up to the challenge. He's humble, he's got natural gifts but still trains hard as a muthafucka, and he ain't scared. Now I'm not predicting a TUF 10 victory for Mr. Ferguson, but I do anticipate him competing and impressing because he's got a LOT to prove.

Good luck, Kimbo. Prove these niggas wrong!!

(SIDENOTE: While I'm definitely looking forward to this season of TUF, I really can't wait for it to hurry up and end so we can finally see that "black-on-black crime" we've been waiting for!! Rampage wants to get that belt back - unfortunately, he'd have to get it from Lyoto "Laugh at my Karate Pants and I'll Whoop Your Ass" Machida now - but Rashad says all he'll get is knocked the fuck out. Rampage/Rashad will be damn-near epic!)

TUF 10 Promo Teaser:

Other than Kimbo, you can catch these other Heavyweights competing for that contract this season (from

Zak Jensen – standout wrestler at Augsburg College

Marcus Jones – former 1st round NFL draft pick who had a six-year career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (This guy's older than Kimbo)

Scott "Punk Haole" Junk – Division II All-American football player at Southwest Oklahoma State and fought in UFC 76.

James McSweeney – former international kickboxing and Muay Thai champion

Jon Madsen – defeated Brock Lesnar in a high school wrestling match

Matt Mitrione - played for New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings

Roy "Big Country" Nelson – former IFL Heavyweight Champion

Demico Rogers – high school football and wrestling star

Brendan Schaub – played for Buffalo Bills and Arena Football’s Utah Blaze

Darrill Schoonover – decorated Army veteran

Wes Shivers – former member of the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons

Wes Sims - fought two heated battles with former UFC champ Frank Mir at UFC 43 and UFC 46 (this guy's 6'10"!!)

Abe Wagner – played linebacker at Michigan Tech and has a degree in mechanical engineering

Mike Wessel – UFC veteran and former strength and conditioning coach at University of Arkansas

Justin Wren – All-American high school wrestler

TUF 10 premieres September 16th on SpikeTV.

(For more on Kimbo, check out Spike's "Kimbo Uncut" series, parts 1 and 2.)

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