Kid Steals Car to Avoid Church

By MXL on 7/31/2009 03:56:00 PM

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Did you see this yesterday? Apparently this 7-year-old boy really didn't wanna go to church, so he absconded with Dad's whip and ended up on the news. Hilarious.

Did you see how well this lil' dude drove? This kid's gonna either be in prison or Nascar by the time he's a teenager.

“Dad, the cops are outside.”

Utterly clueless about the joyride his son had just concluded and the posse of pursuing patrol cars he had collected along the way, the father asked, “Oh, they’re outside in front of our house?”

“Yeah,” Preston said before scurrying out of the room and hiding in the basement.

See the family's Today Show interview after the stretch.


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