Damn, Mike!!

By MXL on 7/20/2009 01:46:00 PM

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Italy, 1983: In some obscure Nike Exhibition Game, Mike Jordan threw down the prettiest backboard-shattering dunk I've ever seen.

Before yesterday, I had no idea it ever happened. And I call myself a Jordan fan. SMH.

To atone for my shameful ignorance, video mini-tribute to Mike after the stretch.


Here's more footage from that Exhibition game. Mike ran with Italian pro team Stefanel Trieste (now known as Pallacanestro Trieste) and faced JuveCaserta. Mike had 30, but I'm not sure if they won (it's a safe bet that they did). I've never seen that many missed shots in a Mike highlight reel, though:

"The Shot", Pt. 1 (The second time he did it to these boys was exciting, too, but not nearly as much):

Shittin' all over Patrick Chewing:

One of the illest Nike commercials ever:

Even when sick, Money was ILL:

"The Shot", Pt. 2:

League record for Oldest Nigga to Drop 50 (that's exactly how it's worded in the record books): 38 years old, 51 points. I think this was the last record of Mike's illustrious career. [FYI: He's the oldest to drop 40, too.]:

The Greatest... Together:

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